When you think of people such as Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers, Karl Benz, you often think of their ground-breaking inventions and discoveries. The main reason that people will remember them for years to come till eternity is because they were trailblazers- they created a path for others to follow.


In modern times, Apple and Tesla have both trailblazed in the smart phone and electric car markets respectively – there was either no market, or the products in their particular fields were too expensive, too impractical or too inefficient. Sometimes trailblazing may not mean that you need to create a whole new market by itself. You could be taking a market that is seemingly dormant, unproductive or untapped and be a pioneer and leader in that niche.


Companies and entrepreneurs need to be creative and inventive in their own fields. As trailblazers, you get to be the market leaders, the first to the profits and those leaving the competition behind picking up scraps, hence the term trailblazer because you are at the head of the trail. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be adaptive and creative. Even if you do not reinvent the wheel, make it look different from the original or add new traits to make it unique or even better.


Affluent Trade Management aims to be a trailblazer in the male performance market – we have introduced new products under the Supabiotech range and we were one of the earliest companies in Singapore to sell male performance products. Although our Supa range of products was successful, we do not wish to rest on your laurels. We are continuing to adapt, learn and grow with the ever changing demands of the market. Trailblazing is incorporated in all aspects of the company – from us as founders, to our employees, to our affiliates and customers.


At the moment, we are planning a couple of new products on the horizon…although details will only become known to the public closer to the launch date. We have also used new management systems within our company to increase productivity and increase the morale of our staff. These techniques are not used in bigger companies and even rarer in small to medium businesses.


In terms of engaging our affiliates and our customers, we talk to them regularly and obtain precious feedback. The feedback allows us to be fluid and constant adapt and change our sales techniques, marketing strategies and products to suit both our affiliates and target market in order to achieve a win-win situation. We also constantly formulate ways to reward and support our affiliates and distributors in helping each other succeed in charging ahead of the competition.


Our staff are constantly encouraged to give feedback and information about competitors, innovative products and new trends in the market. We also encourage our staff to think independently, to innovate and to work to trailblaze both in their personal life as well as their career with us. If it’s unconventional but within the guidelines of morality and legality, we’ll adopt it.


As Bruce Lee once said “Be like water”.