Many people have said – conduct your business with integrity. So what is integrity? According to the dictionary, integrity is ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles’. Others simply define Integrity as ‘doing the right thing even when no one is watching.’


No matter the description or explanation, integrity is an important value if you wish to have a successful business. The reason is because in today’s global economy, we are all connected via technology, the internet and social media. If you commit acts which cross the line of integrity, or if you break the rules and order your subordinates not to talk about it (or hope no one saw it), ultimately if things turn sour between yourself and your subordinates, news will get out sooner or later that you and your company are conducting matters in a less than honest way.


Integrity also carries over into the way you conduct your transactions with your customers. In this era, where competition is intense and where price slashing, over-promising and hucksterism is common, it is imperative you conduct your business with integrity. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and deliver as promised. Over deliver and under promise, and your customers will be delighted, and keep returning for more. Word of mouth via face -to-face communication and social media will improve your repeat sales more than pulling a fast one on an old customer and looking for a new one.


Here at Affluent Trade Management, we believe in integrity. All our businesses are conducted according to the country’s laws, rules and regulations. We believe in giving our customers products that have gone through Singapore’s stringent quality control laws, as well as working with the top shipping companies to make sure your products reach you on time.  All our terms and conditions are created to satisfy both our customers and the legal authorities. We also use only the best natural ingredients to create our products and we meticulously lab test all product formulas using the latest technology to make sure they work.


We treat our employees and our customers equally with integrity. Whatever we can deliver, we do to the best of our ability. If there are challenges, we invite you to contact us so we can see how best to communicate with you and solve the challenge. Our employees also act with integrity – if they have suggestions on how to serve you better, they offer it to us during meetings. They are also proactive in helping the company grow, helping the company reach out to our customers better and in communicating with our customers with honesty. We also treat our employees with integrity, providing them with a harmonious place to work and rewarding them appropriately.


Integrity is in our blood stream and framework, whether it is to our valued customers or our staff, and we intend to continue doing business with the long term happiness of both customers and internal shareholders in mind rather than seek a quick dollar.