Generous Relationships

Have you ever met people who attempt to get more than they can give? I’ll bet you that you either didn’t keep in contact for that person for long or you avoided them like the plague. Generous relationships are important, whether they be with our customers, friends, loved ones or colleagues.


A Motivational speaker summed it up nicely when he said: “You’ve got to give before you can get”. In the market and in society, everyone is going around asking “what’s in it for me?” Once you can answer the golden question, you are prepared to start building generous relationships with your customers, friends, loved ones or colleagues.


Now it doesn’t mean that you will need to spend a lot of time, money and effort building relationships. On the contrary, if you know how to cultivate good relationships with your customers, friends, loved ones or colleagues by simply remembering significant dates in their lives and getting them a hand made gift or bringing them out for a meal, they will feel touched.  Sometimes when it comes to relationships, more is not always better.


We at Affluent Trade Management believe that generous relationships should be the bedrock of a successful business. Firstly, the most important thing you need to be generous with is your clients. Most businesses need to realize that in a hyper competitive world, the need to provide massive value is important. That means you will need to under promise and over deliver. We have always had strong rapport with our customers because we believe in providing them top notch customer service, added value and free consultation from our health consultants.


Secondly, we believe in being generous with our affiliates and distributors. We pay our affiliates and distributors a competitive commission when they work hard to promote our products in other markets. We regularly talk to them to find out how we can make the selling easier, as well as keeping our ears open to any feedback they may provide. All our affiliates and distributors know that they can trust us, as well as our advanced payment systems that makes sure they get their commissions on time, wherever in the world they operate from.


Lastly, we believe in generous relationships with our staff. Not only do we offer our staff competitive wages, but we also time them out to meals from time to time, arrange bonding activities and invest in trainings to improve their personal skillsets. These will encourage staff to be healthier, happier and go the extra mile for us, which they often do. We also encourage staff to be generous with each other in terms of relationships. If a staff member is going through trying times, we encourage his/her colleagues to pull him/her up and keep going forward. All staff are also encouraged to talk to each other or management should they require assistance in personal or financial matters.


Be generous relationships with your customers, friends, loved ones or colleagues, and good things will happen in your life.

Generous Relationships