Continual Growth

We live in a world that is constantly evolving. Things have changed since the early days of our ancestors – back in the early day many people though the earth was flat but science has proved it is round. Continual growth, whether through new discoveries, inventions, mindsets or innovations, will remain a fact of life.

Of course, there are those who hold on to past traditions for nostalgic reasons. However, even traditions which have remained till today have evolved over time and not remained as they were centuries ago. Yes, there are the ceremonies, and the rituals but modern technology has seeped in and made everything more convenient and advanced.

A person who thinks that university graduation is the end of education has severely limited him or herself and cannot grow or develop further in life. He or she will also be at a disadvantage when it comes to the market as many people spend time developing themselves as well as picking up new skills. For example, a lawyer who wishes to start his own cafe may actually end up as a very good chef. Without continual growth, the world would be a very frustrating and boring place to live in with no progress and no advancement.

Good companies know that they have to grow continually in terms of finances, size and staffing. Those who fail will end up being eaten by bigger companies – that is the law of the jungle. That is why in Affluent Trade Management, we believe in continual growth. Continual growth for us translates into areas such as employer and employees, product range, and company goals.

As employers, we constantly challenge ourselves by adopting new technology, new management ideas and new improvement plans. We educate ourselves, go to the best seminars, adopt effective management practices, research new areas which will benefit our customers, look into new markets. All this so we can help the company grow and learn ways in which we can help out employees grow and expand in many areas of their lives.

Our employees are also encouraged to seek growth in many ways. We send them for relevant courses, encourage them to take up relevant skills, and help them to see the value of upgrading. We also encourage them in areas of their personal lives, such as relationship building, weight loss, and reaching personal goals in areas outside work they are clueless about but wish for help or mentor ship.

The company is in a state of constant growth as well. Research into the various target markets unearth niche gems that are a gold mine waiting to be mined. We constantly seek to expand our product range and develop not only in areas of health supplements, but in all areas pertaining to male performance, self improvement and wellness that will benefit our customers not only in physical but overall health as well. Our goals are always expanding. Once we’ve reached a goal, we set another and another, increasing in terms of challenge as well as returns. We do not believe progress ends until the day we depart from this earth.

Continual Growth