Clear Intent

One of the scariest things in life is spending your whole life going through the motion, simply following what is told, going with the flow, and not knowing what you wish to accomplish. The best companies and most successful people know that having clear intent on your goals and direction is important if you wish growth and income for your personal development and business.


Clear intent is not just verbalizing it with your mouth. It is taking action firstly, by writing it down on paper, then planning it out, then taking baby steps day by day, week by week to work toward your goal. When you put forth your intention for something, it has to be straightforward, detailed and depending on situation, realistic.


Take the time to sit down and ask yourself, what do I really wish to see happen in my business? What do I want to accomplish in the next 5 years? What direction will my business take? How will I accomplish this step by step? Who do I want to recruit for my business or partner with to expand it?


When you have clear intent in terms of your business, your life goals and your relationship with others, you will prosper. And that is the reason why we at Affluent Trade management have placed clear intent high on our list of core values. With clear intent, you know the direction you wish from your business, employees and yourself.


For our business, we already knew that were were going to be the World Leader in Male Performance. And we were going to work towards that goal of success by meticulous planning, hard work, marketing and creating products of value to help men in need. That was the clear intent we put out there. We regularly sit down with internal sharehoulders to discuss business plans and how we wish to not only prosper in our target market, but how to make transactions and communication smooth for international customers regardless of where they originate from, or what language they use.


For our employees, we make it a rule that communication with each other is honest, professional and has clear intent. In our organization, we do not have politics, underlining statements or hints, everything is done aboveboard, straightforward and clear. We also encourage our employees to set clear intent in their own life goals, whether it is to pick up a new skill, to improve themselves or to improve other areas of their lives.


Clear intent is also a big thing when communicating to our customers. Our health consultants explain to them that the herbal products are no magic pill, but rather effective supplements that they need to be taking constantly in order to be healthy, vibrant and energetic. We also make our exchange policies, guarantees, and transactional procedures clear, which is why our new customers often convert into repeat customers, coming back again and again to purchase our WOW Nutrition and Supa range of products.


With clear intent, one can avoid disorganization, delays, loss of profits and further complications when running a successful business.

Clear Intent